The Stromson Forest.

The Stromson Forest was located on the Jacinto Plateau. The Ferro Bridge was located here, along the Landown Highway. During the late stages of the Locust-War, it was the site of several battles between the COG and the Locust.


Operation: MidnightEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, the Stromson Forest was the site of a COG mission, Operation: Midnight, to send a convoy across the Ferro Bridge. Two Assault Derricks made their way through the forest, and dropped off Midnight Squad at the bridge. They fought and defeated a Locust presence there, and the convoy made it though the Stromson Forest safely.[1]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Several months later, the Stromson Forest was once again the site of a battle between the COG and the Locust. The COG sent a massive force of Assault Derricks, Centaur tanks, and King Ravens to assault the city of Landown, as part of Operation: Hollow Storm. The Locust opened massive Emergence Holes throughout the Stromson Forest in an attempt to stop the assault, destroying many vehicles and killing many Gears, but the COG broke though the Locust lines in the forest and attacked the city.[2]


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