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Before Emergence Day

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10 A.E.

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Strachan was a pilot in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps who participated in the Battle of Ephyra.


Battle of EphyraEdit

Ten years after Emergence Day, Strachan flew a King Raven during the Battle of Ephyra. When the Coalition of Ordered Governments positions began being overrun by Locust forces, Strachan was assigned to evacuate Gears from the city. He landed at the evac point on the roof of the treasury building, where Lt.Anya Stroud and Bravo Squad were waiting on Col.Victor Hoffman to arrive. Strachan kept the Raven ready to take off at any moment, and gestured to Anya from the cockpit that time was running out to leave.[1] Bravo Squad boarded the Raven and Sgt.Marcus Fenix told Strachan that they were being sent to rescue Professor Adam Fenix from Hadlane Hall. Strachan dropped off Marcus and Pvt. Dominic Santiago to approach the Hall on foot while he flew over it, firing on Locust troops that were gathering around the mansion. As Marcus and Dom attempted to extract Adam, Strachan hovered over the courtyard to let Pvt. Tai Kaliso and Pvt. Jace Stratton fast rope down. He then spotted Boomers approaching and warned them. Strachan attempted to land in the courtyard to pick them up, but had difficulty maneuvering in such a small space. As he tried to adjust to land around a fountain, a Boomer opened fire on his Raven. He lost control of the Raven and crashed into the building, sending debris onto the Gears and killing Strachan.[2]



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