Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments


Vehicle-Mounted Grenade Launcher

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Very High

Ammunition Type



The Stomper was a .50 caliber,[1] belt-fed grenade launcher mounted on platoon vehicles such as the King RavenPackhorse and the Armadillo APC in the COG Army. During the Pendulum Wars, it was most notably used in the Battle of Aspho Fields.[2]


Pendulum WarsEdit

Battle of Aspho FieldsEdit

Major Helena Stroud put great stock in the Stomper, as she believed that it would be the key to holding C Company's line during Operation Leveler.[2]

Locust WarEdit

Battle of EphyraEdit

Colonel Victor Hoffman had set up a command post at the intersection of Almar Boulevard and Correll Road, and Stompers were part of the Gears' arsenal during the battle.[3]


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