Steady Eddie
Production information

Cabin cruiser


Motor schooner

Technical specifications

30 meters


Deck mounted gun


Supply vessel


The Steady Eddie was a vessel used by Stranded Insurgents to supply their forces on Vectes.


Stranded Supply VesselEdit

After being dispatched by Lyle Ollivar to drop off supplies on Vectes, the Steady Eddie was attacked by a Lambent Stalk, which punched through the hull and lodged itself in the ship. The Stranded attempted to fight whatever Lambent boarded the ship, and bullet holes were left in the hull and bulkheads. At least some of the crew were injured by the attack, as blood splatters were found on the bulkheads when the COG discovered the ship and sent a boarding party aboard, but no bodies were found, leaving what happened to the crew unknown. Captain Quentin Michaelson ordered the CNV Scepter to tow the vessel to a small anchorage near Vectes, so a crew could inspect it better in the morning.[1] Sgt.Marcus Fenix and Cpl.Dominic Santiago investigated the Steady Eddie the next day, and found the ammo and guns the ship was transporting. They also contacted Ollivar with the ships comm system, and told him that the ship had been attacked by the Lambent. Ollivar didn't believe them, and accused them of having attacked the ship and murdering the crew. After ceasing their communication, Marcus discovered the engines still worked, and he and Dom left the ship on a Marlin so a salvage crew could come and take it into the docks at Vectes Naval Base.[2]


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