State Street Rooftops is the fourth chapter of the fifth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


The chapter starts as you head towards the rooftops of Halvo Bay where most citizens had fled during the battle and were later slain by the Locust. The Declassified Mission will be upstairs.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Lt. Baird claimed to have led Kilo Squad to victory despite lacking adequate supplies and weapons."

If you choose to activate the mission you'll have to fight your way through the Locust flanks using only a Longshot Sniper Rifle and a Boltok Pistol. Your Boltok will be reloaded by common ammo caches while the Sniper rifle can only be reloaded with another rifle or an Onyx ammo cache. This might seem difficult at first but you may be able to place headshots on nearby enemies with the Boltok and take down enemies at the distance with the Longshot and you can collect the ammo for your Boltok after you kill an enemy so you shouldn't have much problem, if you take cover of course.

Knock down the door ahead of you and walk towards the nearby terraces, some Locust will rappel down and start to fire at you, take them out and move forward, using Meat Shields can be a good idea. More grappling hooks will appear, shoot them and the Locust will die from the fall. Next thing: Shriekers, take cover and shoot them down quickly before they cause any trouble but stay away as they will explode in contact with anything. There might be some Snipers in the area. Once you're done a Reaver will appear. Use the Longshot to take down the pilots, then take down the beast anyway you can, you can use the Shriekers as grenades or try perfect reloaded shots to take it down. When you're done head towards the fence at the end of the roof and continue into the next chapter.


Once you reach the roof full of Shriekers, head towards the right balcony and you will find a COG Tag near an ammo box.


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