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Stasis is a mainly symmetrical map, and like few other maps, has no random computer-caused effects. It appears to be based on the early geometry of Act 3's chapter "Rude Awakening," the only flip is that there are no Sire breakouts, as they are in the campaign. As for weapons, right on the openings to the middle, there is a cycle between Frag Grenades or Ink Grenades, on the sides of the map there are two side rooms both containing a cycled Boltok Pistol and a Gorgon Burst Pistol, and in the center platform a cycled Longshot Sniper Rifle and Theron Torque Bow. There is a catwalk that can be reached on either side wall by stairs, and in the middle of the catwalk there is either a Mulcher or Boomshot, Not much else can be said about this map, other than the fact that due to its great amount of symmetry, can be easily used for Achievement exploiting, however that is not recommended if you legitimately collect achievements.

Stasis map

Layout of Stasis (click to enlarge)

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