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"Thanks Dr. Polanski... and great work on the bot."
"Of course, Lieutenant. Happy to be of service.
— Lt. Anya Stroud, thanking Dr. Polanski for his upgrades to the COG's JACK units

Doctor Stanley Michael Polanski[1] was a COG engineer who researched and worked at Halvo Bay Military Academy until he was moved to Jacinto due to the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack. He was the one who figured out how to send long range video transmissions from a centralized broadcasting centers to JACK (model) units out in the field, he was also responsible for adding foldout screen's to all the JACK units.


Working in Halvo BayEdit

"Kurt, I didn’t want to bother you at home. I’ve identified a spectral range that could enable long distance video transmission between a centralized broadcast center and a bot unit in the field. Obviously you have a lot going on right now, but this is something I feel we could implement very quickly, given the proper resources. Please call me when you can."
— Doctor Polanski's message for Kurt Elliot on his answering machine[2]

At some point in time after seeing his work on the chain reaction that powers the Lightmass Process, Dr. Polanski and Adam Fenix personally requested that Kurt Elliot enlist in the Defense Research Agency. At the time, Dr. Polanski was working at the Halvo Bay Military Academy, so he invited Dr. Elliot down to Halvo Bay for a tour.[1] Sometime after Kurt had moved to Halvo Bay with his family he started to help Stanley work on enhancing the JACK units. Before the Locust attack on Halvo Bay Stanley had identified a spectral range that could enable the long distance video transmissions from a centralized broadcasting centre to bot units out in the field, he left a voice message for Dr. Elliot at his lab telling him if they had the right resources they could implement it quickly. The message was found by Kilo Squad during the Destruction of Halvo Bay six weeks after Emergence Day.[2]

Polanski and Anya

Anya thanking Dr. Polanski for his work on the bots.

Upgrading the JACKsEdit

"Same functionality as before, but we added the fold-out screen to it. Figured it'd be alot handier than the embedded screens or relying on a projector."
— Dr. Polanski, informing Anya about the new modifications to the JACK bots

Dr. Polanski was able to survive the attack on Halvo Bay and was moved to Jacinto City like much of the population, before the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack. There, he was able to get the proper resources to finish his upgrades to the JACK (model) units by adding fold-out screens to them which would allow them to display the long range video transmissions from Coalition High Command and repairing them when need be. A couple of months after the Lightmass Offensive he showed his efforts to Lt. Anya Stroud, who approved of the upgrade, as did Cpl. Dominic Santiago when he entered the room.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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