Meadow Skirmish


Third Battle of New Jacinto

Stalk Emergence at the Reservoir

Lambent Pandemic


Gale, 15 A.E.



  • Discovery that Lambent stalks can emerge away from the Vectes fault line
  • None
  • Packhorse destroyed
  • Several polyps

The Stalk emergence at the reservoir was a small skirmish between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and Lambent creatures that occurred in Gale of 15 A.E. when elements of Delta-One scouted around the reservoir on Vectes.

Order of BattleEdit

Investigating the ReservoirEdit

When a possible sighting of Polyps was reported to the CIC near the reservoir on Vectes, Lt.Donneld Mathieson asked for nearby units to respond. Major Gill Gettner in KR Eight-Zero along with Delta-One members Cpl.Dominic Santiago and Pvt.Samantha Byrne in a Packhorse responded to the call, and headed to the site to investigate. KR Eight-Zero was unable to see anything through the trees, so Dom and Sam were forced to drive close to the site. When they arrived, they heard something moving in the forest around them, and got into the flatbed of the Packhorse to shoot them as they came at them. However, there were more than they expected, and they jumped off the Packhorse as one got underneath the vehicle and exploded, destroying it. A Lambent Stalk then emerged, and Dom and Sam desperately ran to a clearing, firing at the polpys as they followed them. Lt.Nat Barber dropped a winch down to them from KR Eight-Zero, and they were lifted to safety as the polyps closed in on them. After they were safe, the polyps fell back into the tree line, and the Gears were unable to fire on them from the Raven. Barber then calculated their position and determined that they were not above the fault line that ran through Vectes, which meant that stalks could emerge anywhere on the island.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Coalition's End pg 295-298
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