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Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust War Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Notable Facts

Abandoned after the fall of Tollen Dam

Speyer was a major industrial city in Tyrus, located near Tollen and Tollen Dam. It was known as the heart of Coalition of Ordered Governments manufacturing, and included many factories such as Speyer Metalworks, which produced Centaurs.


During the Locust War, Speyer was one of the COG's few surviving manufacturing centers. After the fall of Tollen Dam, which was the city's sole source of power, COG high command issued a work-stoppage and withdrawal order to its military manufacturing personnel there. Speyer was evacuated, and the COG personnel sent to Ilima for reassignment. Speyer was never re-occupied after the Locust War's end, and remained abandoned for decades.


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