The Sovereigns Press Corps was composed of the remaining media outlets in COG controlled territory.[1] They reported on the COG's victories and other news, and they possibly faced censure due to the Fortification Act.


Winter of SorrowEdit

Five years after Emergence Day, the Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper reported on the attack on Landown, and Mayor Gerard Lelands request for reinforcments. It also mentioned that Sgt.Hudson Conners was being honored as a hero.[2]

Chairman's SpeechEdit

One month after the Lightmass Offensive, Chairman Richard Prescott addressed the Press Corps about the disappearance of the Kryll. An Unidentified Reporter reported on this, as well as continuing tremors in the Jacinto area.[3]

Before the Hollow StormEdit

Shortly before the raid on Jacinto Med, Sgt.Marcus Fenix found an edition of The Eagle Newspaper that reported on the upcoming Operation: Hollow Storm and Delta-One being honored for their role in the Lightmass Offensive. It also had a report that armor manufacturer NAS was under investigation.[1]

After Hollow StormEdit

Marcus later found another issue detailing the beginning of Operation: Hollow Storm, and Chairman Prescott's denying the existence of another safe haven.[4]


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