"...makes a change for Two-Six to deal with their miscreants instead of pinning medals on them..."
— Part of a conversation between two members of the Sovereign's Hussars about the trial of Marcus Fenix

The Sovereign's Hussars were a unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army.

Unit HistoryEdit

Stationed at the CICEdit

Eleven years after Emergence Day, two captains from the Sovereign's Hussars were stationed at the CIC in the House of Sovereigns. They were discussing the trial of Marcus Fenix when one of them remarked that it was a big change for a member of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry to actually charge one of their members with a crime instead of giving them a medal. They were stopped by Col.Victor Hoffman, who was a member of the 26th RTI and the Chief of the COG Defense Staff, and he shot back at them that Marcus had fought on the frontlines for fifteen years before cracking, and he wanted them to keep their opinions about his Gears to themselves. One of the Sovereign's Hussars captains apologized, but Hoffman could tell he did not mean it, and the two stunned officers quickly walked away from Hoffman.[1]


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