Soleno Villa is the third chapter of the third act in Gears of War: Judgment.


As soon as you start the chapter the Declassified Mission will be at your left.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Pvt. Paduk alleged that military-grade explosives had somehow been made available to wealthy civilians."

If you choose to activate the mission you'll need to finish the chapter in 4:15 minutes, if you fail you'll be killed by explosives left by the wealthy owners of the mansion.

As you enter the mansion two Kantus monks will be at the balcony, above you, and will lead several Drones and Therons towards you, take them out before they launch Ink Grenades or try to revive the downed enemies. There's a Markza inside the room so it might be useful while dealing with the Kantus.

Once all enemies are out Mauler Elites will smash the main doors and rush towards you, don't bother in shooting their shields and aim for the legs or any visible part of their body, there'll also be shotguns and explosives around so use your weapons wisely. After this Ragers will join the fight, don't let them get close to you and aim for their heads before they go berserk. Once you're done head towards the destroyed bridge before the time runs out and the chapter will end.


After you exiting the mansion and finishing off the Ragers walk to your left behind some cars in front of a barricade, the COG Tag is hidden between two cars near a spray of blood.


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