Siege of Jacinto


Battle of Port Farrall

Skirmish south of Port Farrall

Locust War

  • Frost, 14 A.E.
    • 3 hours after Jacinto's sinking[1]

South of Port Farral

  • COG victory
    • First recorded Locust captured, later executed[2]

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde





All forces

The Skirmish south of Port Farrall was the first of a series of battles around Port Farrall following the sinking of and evacuation from Jacinto. Only hours after the sinking, a group of Locust stragglers were sighted near the south side of the city and were quickly engaged by Coalition forces and defeated.

Order of BattleEdit


"Stragglers were inevitable. And this time, they were almost welcome."
Dom's thoughts before the ambush

After the evacuation of Jacinto and Operation: Hollow Storm, Cpl. Dominic Santiago went into the woods to find himself while still dealing with the fact that he'd killed his wife. Sgt. Marcus Fenix tried to snap him back into reality, and succeeded. A few minutes later, they spotted a Corpser heading their way, alongside a group of Locust stragglers.[5]


"Manners are the bedrock of civilization. Let's meet the asshole halfway."
— Sgt. Fenix, upon seeing the Locust

Sgt. Fenix called Command with a request for reinforcements. Command sent in two KR units and a Centaur, while Anya took her APC, carrying the rest of Delta-One, to meet up with Dom and Marcus who decided to lead a two-man ambush. With Dom and Marcus already laying fire on the Locust stragglers, PA-776 parked near three APCs, some without full armor plates, at the ambush site and one Gear squad gave Dom and Marcus fire support.[6]


With the Corpser trying to circle around the defensive line around Port Farrall, and heading for the refugees along the main road from Jacinto, Anya was forced into crowd control with the citizens leaving Jacinto and requested armor from Lt. Donneld Mathieson, which was difficult since the CIC Truck had no eyes on the ground. When KR Three-Five and Centaur Twenty-Eight arrived, they were able to take out the Corpser and the Bloodmount. With the arrival of Coalition reinforcements, the Locust stragglers were wiped out, with the exception of one Drone which was captured and tortured by Gears until Marcus recommended to Bernie that she just shoot the grub, which she did under the grounds that torturing it would hurt her back.[7]


Baird was angry that he was unable to get any information from the grub and how he wanted to capture another one, but the idea was shot down by Marcus.[8]



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