Battle of Aspho Fields


Battle of Bonbourg

Skirmish in Ghato City

Pendulum Wars


0 B.E.


Ghato City, Independent Republic of Furlin

  • COG victory

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

UIR Symbol Union of Independent Republics

  • Unknown
  • One Gear squad
  • Six Indies
  • None
  • Six Indies
"Fenix to six-zero-- we're heading out of Ghato now, sir. We'll RV with you at Tenla. Got held up..."
— Sgt.Marcus Fenix reporting the result of the battle

The Skirmish in Ghato City was a minor battle that took place between elements of C Company 26th Royal Tyran infantry and a small group of Indie soldiers.

Order of BattleEdit

Taking out the IndiesEdit

During the COG's attack on the Independent Republic of Furlin, a squad from C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry was sent to the ruined Ghato City to clear out a small group of Indies. Both sides took cover in ruined buildings, and the Indies pinned the Gears down with a machine gun emplacement. However, Pvt.Tai Kaliso fired a RPG at them, causing the Indies to take cover and become suppressed, which allowed Pvt.Padrick Salton to climb on top of a roof and snipe the machine gunner. The other Gears charged the Indies, and Pad took out two more of the Indies with headshots. When the Gears reached them, they quickly killed the remaining three Indies, ending the battle.[1]


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