Sinking of the Nezark

Lambent Invasion


15 A.E.


Middle of the ocean

  • Lambent victory



  • Nezarks captain
  • None
  • Nezark
  • All hands of the Nezark
  • Unknown

The Sinking of the Nezark was a battle between the Gelen Class Frigate Nezark and a Lambent Stalk.

Order of BattleEdit

Attacked by a StalkEdit

While en route to Vectes after the Gorasni joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments, the Gelen Class Frigate Nezark came under attack by a Lambent Stalk. The stalk punched two holes through the port side hull of the vessel. The crew, unaware of what was attacking them, believed that they had somehow hit a sandbank, and sent a message off saying that they had somehow run ashore. The vessel then sank to the bottom of the ocean, with all hands onboard.[1]


In order to determine what had happened to the Nezark, the submarine CNV Clement was deployed to investigate. It discovered the ships wreckage at the bottom of the ocean, but it also came under attack by several stalks, and narrowly managed to avoid joining the Nezark on the bottom of the sea.[2]


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