Stranded raid on Pelruan


Stranded raid on Merris Farm

Sinking of the Harvest

Lambent Pandemic


The sea outside of Pelruan

  • Harvest sunk
  • Stranded blamed

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments


  • None
  • Lambent Eel
  • Lambent Eel

The Sinking of the Harvest took place seven weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto,[1] and was credited as the first pirate raid on the COG's shipping after the move to Vectes until the truth came out.

Order of BattleEdit

Sinking of the HarvestEdit

While out on a fishing trip, the trawler Harvest was attacked and sunk by what was believed to be Stranded pirates. There was a lot of wrekage and it was shot up, but upon a closer examination, Damon Baird realized the truth: the shots were being fired from inside the boat. After the sinking of a frigate and another trawler and an encounter with a Lambent Eel by Delta Squad, Baird eventually realized what happened: the crew of the trawler (and presumably the other two ships later on) hauled in their catch not realizing one of it was a Lambent Eel. The crew tried to shoot the eel and like all other Lambant creatures it was explosive and detonated, destroying the Harvest.

COG Search for the HarvestEdit

After contact with the Harvest was lost, the other boats in the fishing fleet began searching for the Harvest, and the COG began preparing to send out ships to assist in the search. The Fairhaven found wreackage from the Harvest, and sent the position to the COG.[2] Delta-One was sent to provide security aboard the CNV Chancellor during the search, and they were assisted by the CNV Clement and KR Six-Seven. KR Six-Seven found part of the hull floating on the water, and gave the Chancellor directions toward it. They examined the hull, and determined that it had been sunk by the Stranded. Commander Garcia reported from the Clement that they had found debris on the ocean shelf, but had no way of recovering any. The Clement gave up the search for survivors, but KR Six-Seven and several other fishing boats continued searching for survivors, but none were found.[3]


The sinking of the Harvest made Chairman Richard Prescott give Captain Quentin Michaelson free reign in dealing with the pirates[4] as they believed until later that the Stranded were behind this.


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