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"We'll miss you, Bernadette. We wouldn't have survived without you."
— Shula, saying goodbye to Bernie

Shula was a South Islander refugee from Kaia who joined a group of civilians hiding on Noroa.


Hiding on NoroaEdit

Nine years after the Locust emerged, Shula and the rest of the group she was hiding with on Noroa were making preparations to leave the island and go to Port Slaughterhouse on Galangi. However, the leader of their group, Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, had decided to leave them and head to the Jacinto Plateau to see if she could find the remnants of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Shula was on guard duty at the storage hut at four in the morning when Bernie came by to grab her supplies and leave. She told Bernie they would miss her and that they wouldn't have survived without her. Bernie told her they would see her around, and that she and the others would like it on Galangi because they had a bar there. Bernie also asked Shula to say hi to all of her former neighbors on the island.[1]


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