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Shim Kor
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Unknown during the Pendulum Wars

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Shin Kor was a Pesang volunteer who fought for the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the Pendulum Wars.


Operation: LevelerEdit

Kor took part in Operation Leveler, were he was assigned to Green Troop, under the command of Pvt.Dominic Santiago. When they entered the main building, Kor ran into a security guard, and killed him with several blows from his machete. Kor then proceeded upstairs to secure the rest of the facility.[1] He was later wounded during the battle,[2] and was put on board a Marlin.[3] However, that Marlin was hit by fire from a Khimera and began to sink. The other Marlin pulled alongside it, and most of the survivors were brought on board it, including Kor. The Marlin was picked up a Sea Raven,[4] and Kor survived his wounds.[5]


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