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The Sherrith Cavalry was a COG tank division that fought at the Battle of Shavad.

Unit HistoryEdit

Battle of ShavadEdit

When Kashkur was invaded in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, the Sherrith Cavalry was one of several units from the COG 6th Brigade to be sent to defend the city of Shavad. During the heavy fighting in the city, the Green FDC directed the Sherrith's fire, and Cpt. Adam Fenix of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry asked for them to attack a museum where Indie spotters were attacking his men from.[1] They also provided covering fire for several Terns that evacuated wounded Gears.[2] The Sherriths later lost a vital bridge to the Indies and were forced to fall back, along with the rest of the COG forces in the city,[3] taking heavy casualties during the retreat.[4]

Known Sherrith Cavalry Control UnitsEdit


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