The Shenko Falls were located near the Cressy Escarpment on the Jacinto Plateau in Tyrus.


Skirmish at Shenko FallsEdit

After the town of Estana was sacked by the Locust ten years after Emergence Day, the Coalition of Ordered Governments began efforts to block sewer tunnels that led from the city that led further into the Jacinto Plateau. One of the entrances to the sewer tunnels was located at Shenko Falls, and sapper team Red-Three was dispatched to seal it. However, Locust forces began approaching the teams position before they could finish pouring the concrete, causing KR Nine-Six to arrive and evacuate them. Cpt.Shaw fell into the rapidly filling concrete pit as he tried to flee, and drowned in the concrete before Bravo Squad could rescue him. KR Nine-Six then flew away from the Shenko Falls, being forced leaving behind the sappers equipment for the Locust to capture.[1]


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