"Case you don't know, Carmine -Baird was a Sharks fan, 'cause he didn't know any better. He's still bitchin' about it!"
"Allfathers Trophy. Blind referee. That's all I'm sayin'.
Augustus Cole and Damon Baird prior to entering the Cougars Stadium, 17 A.E.

The Sharks was a major Thrashball team based in Tyrus. Shortly before Emergence Day, Augustus Cole was contacted by his agent to help sign a contract to play for the Sharks. However Cole decided he would not leave his home town and home team, and turned down the contract. Sometime before Emergence Day, the Sharks competed against the Cougars for the Allfathers Trophy; the Sharks lost and the Cougars walked away with the trophy. Damon Baird, a fan of the Sharks, commented on this, claiming that the referee was blind during the match.[1][2]


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