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Shane White (born 1970) is an American illustrator, comic book writer/artist and author from Massena, New York. He did the cover for Gears of War: Harper's Story.



Shane White's earliest comic work appeared in small-press comics in the mid-80s. His first professional penciling gig was for Silverwolf Comics' (Greater Mercury Comics) Eradicators in 1990. Several years later he did work for DC/Paradox's Big Book of Urban Legends. In 1998 Caliber Comics hired him along with Martin Powell to adapt Whitley Strieber's Communion book, of which two of the four issues were ultimately finished. More recently, his first graphic novel North Country, a 96-page full-color memoir published by NBM Publishing, reveals the hard-scrabble life of living in a blue-collar mill town in upstate New York.

Concept and storyboard artEdit

Among White's work as a concept artist and storyboard artist for the video game and film industries:

  • Artist: Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo Anthology 2008 Image Comics 11-page story written by Jessica Staley inspired by the song Devils & Gods.
  • Co-Creator/Artist: The Overman Books I-V 2008 Image Comics written by Scott Reed
  • Illustrator: Cryptic Science: The Big Squirm by Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta 2007 Adventure Boys Inc.
  • Illustrator: Cryptic Science: The Secret of Groom Lake by S. Arthur Hart 2007 Adventure Boys Inc.
  • Illustrator: Blue Squadron: Big Splash by Loren L. Coleman 2007 Adventure Boys Inc.
  • Illustrator: Blue Squadron: The Shores of Tripoli by Loren L. Coleman 2007 Adventure Boys Inc.
  • Story writer: Negative Burn #7 2006 Desperado Publishing Volstagg: Barbarian Cop
  • Story Artist/Adaptor: Negative Burn #2 2006 Desperado Publishing Bog Man (adapted from Jessica Staley's 10 minute play
  • Creator: Fear Agent: Eye of Chaos Issue #7 2006 Image Comics 8-page back-up story



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