"Looks like a frigging grub."
Baird, after seeing a shale eel

Shale Eels were creatures that lived in the oceans of Sera. They were about two meters long, and looked like a length of scaly pipe. They did not have chins, only having a mouth where a chin would be. Fishermen considered them a rare catch and a delicacy.[1]


Caught by Fishermen at VectesEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, a group of fishermen aboard a Pelruan trawler caught a shale eel. Augustus Cole saw them crowding around it while wandering around the docks, and became worried about, believing it may have come from the Hollow and was a Locust creature. The fishermen laughed away his concerns, and explained what it was. They offered him some, but he politely refused. When Damon Baird joined him and saw the eel, he also thought it looked like a Locust creature.[1]


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