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Gears 4 Temp Cover This article concerns new content for Gears of War 4.
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Settlements are the name of the newly constructed towns under the control of the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments. Built in just mere weeks by a massive automated labor force called DeeBees, Settlements included habitation districts, eateries, shopping districts, at least one hospital and a large central control tower which stored the settlement's Fabricator and its entire population of DeeBees. Settlements were also protected by Windwalls, securing them against Windflares.

Settlements seemed to be constructed in a circular pattern (Seemingly for the easier deployment of the Windwalls), and policed by repurposed DeeBee units.

Settlements were often targeted for raiding by the Outsiders faction in order to obtain otherwise unobtainable resources for their own villages.

Notable Settlements Edit


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