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Settlement 5


Settlement 5 was a settlement under construction by the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era, according to the Ministry of Settlements' exacting specifications.


Following the end of the Locust War, rather than reclaim and rebuild old cities, the COG adopted the policy of constructing entirely new settlements using state-of-the-art automated technology and construction techniques. Settlement 5 was one of the latest examples of this approach. After construction was begun in 42 A.E. with the erection of its central tower, the main construction hub, Settlement 5 was near completion less than two weeks later, with the Windwall already operating and the inner-most districts ready for habitation. This rapid pace was made possible by DB Industries' DeeBees and autonomous construction equipment. Settlement 5 was intended to house a seed population of 730 COG citizens.

JD Fenix, Del Walker, Kait Diaz, and Oscar Diaz raided Settlement 5 in order to obtain its Fabricator, an advanced piece of COG technology capable of producing almost any device. They needed it to produce a capacitor for their village's electrical generator.


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