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Sera News was a major newspaper. Sera News was probably a national paper or Jacinto's personnel paper that talks about what is going on in Sera. This paper can be seen in the streets of Jacinto Med, Gridlock, Blood Drive, Subway, and Day One. In Day One, it does not show that well, though it might have been about the Pendulum Wars, it also had an advertisement for new houses coming into the market. In the streets of Jacinto Med and Gridlock, it was talking about Locust and COG forces. The headlines for both was: "A Living Nightmare! Large Creatures invade the Countryside!", and it had a picture of a Brumak invading open land. Two smaller headlines were "Cog forces dwindling," and "Jacinto Plateau no longer safe 10 years after E-day." This newspaper told citizens of Jacinto about the latest COG plans and Locust attacks. From other newspapers, they all covered E-day.

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