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Seffert was a kidnapper and murderer who was imprisoned in the Slab for an unknown length of time before E-Day. According to warden Niko Jarvi, Seffert would kill his hostage(s) if he received a late payment. He, along with the rest of the prisoners, had to deal with the fact that the inhabitants of the Psych ward would be moved in with them after their area of the vicinity had been flooded through Locust tunneling. He dealt with his boredom by throwing his own excretement through the bars of Rushkin's cell, a cannibal of the Psych ward. However, the crazed prisoner would get his revenge when he skewered Seffert through the neck during a blackout, causing him to slowly bleed to death, depsite the joint efforts of Marcus and Reeve to save him. This would spark a killing spree of all the Slab's Psych prisoners. Seffert's body was presumably burnt in the courtyard along with the other corpses of the massacre.

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