Battle of Edlar Farm


Vectes Imulsion Field Incident

Second Battle of New Jacinto

Lambent Invasion


15 A.E


COG Victory


COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments



Sergeant Marcus Fenix





The Second Battle of New Jacinto was a battle between the COG, and a Lambent Leviathan.

Order of BattleEdit


A Leviathan is detected near New Jacinto outside of the five-click limit, but it is unclear whether or not its Lambent so CPO Franck Muller and Commander Alisder Fyne head out in a Marlin to check with the plan to ignore it if its a regular Leviathan and destroy it with the Hammer of Dawn if its Lambent. The two were able to confirm that the Leviathan is Lambent and the Hammer is prepared to fire while every other weapon available is also prepared in case the Hammer fails.


The Hammer is fired at the Leviathan, but the first shot misses by twenty meters due to the targeting satellites starting to fail, causing the Leviathan to head straight for New Jacinto. A second shot by the Hammer misses by an even greater distance and the Hammer goes offline. New Jacinto's gun batteries opened fire, but they missed and even Raven fire proven ineffective, causing the Leviathan to dive. The Leviathan, monitored the CNV Clement, aimed for the oiling jetty and if it hit, it would take out the base's fuel tanks and half the docks. Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago headed for the pier that was opposite the jetty, hoping to get the chance to open fire and distract it, when a small RIB manned by Yanik Laas and Teodor Marisc came in and dropped a depth charge on the Leviathan. The charge burst the Leviathan's eardrums and it surfaced and went crazy, allowing Fenix and Santiago to open fire on it with Lancers to no effect. Fenix tossed a grenade into its mouth with a thirty second delay before the Leviathan went after Yanik and Teodor. The two escaped and the Leviathan dived as more Gears arrived to help fight, but the grenade detonated and blew the Leviathan up a hundred meters from the docks. The blast threw the RIB, but it remanined afloat and the two men were able to bail out the water inside it. A few polyps survived on a piece of the Leviathan, but Bernie shot a couple of them and detonated all the rest, ending the battle.


Yanik and Teodor took advantage of the fact that the explosion also stunned or killed some fish to catch all the fish they could. While the COG won, it brought home the reality that the Lambent were coming and caused them to keep searching for a new place to evacuate the people of the island.


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