A COG calendar during the Pendulum Wars.

Little information is known about the planet Sera's calendar and seasons for both the Locust and Seran people. The known months/Seasons for the people are as follows:

The Seran Calendar and SeasonsEdit

It is unknown what pre-Emergence Day Serans used to designate years on their calender, but after the Locust attacked, they adopted a Before Emergence (BE) and After Emergence (AE) method.[1] There are roughly 457 days in a Seran year.[2]

Sorted MonthsEdit

  • Storm (1st Month of the Year)[3]
  • Gale (2nd Month of the Year)[4]
  • Bloom (5th Month of the Year)[5]
  • Frost (8th Month of the Year)[6]

Unsorted MonthsEdit


Locust CalendarEdit

Locustcalendar--article image

Translation of symbols clockwise: Queen, Fire, Drone, Leviathan, Danger, Nemacyst, Imulsion, Water, Human, Kryll, Secure, Seeder.

The Locust Calendar is based off Imulsion flowing through the Hollows[17] and how every season has an opposite. How seasons flow in the Hollows is unknown, and COG forces have procured little information on the Locust calendar.

Locust Seasons and its oppositeEdit

The Locust have 12 seasons with opposites.

  • Queen-Imulsion
  • Fire-Water
  • Drone-Human
  • Leviathan-Kryll
  • Danger-Secure
  • Nemacyst-Seeder

COG analysis on the Locust CalendarEdit

"Baird here.

I think this thing's like the Locust equivalent of a calendar or a clock... it says something about 'every season having its opposite,' and I also see some glyphs for 'Nexus,' 'Queen,' and maybe 'Imulsion'... can't quite tell.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the ebb and flow of Imulsion, but I'd have to do a lot more research to confirm that.

Considering that I'm about, oh, 3 kilometers deep, right square in the guts of the enemy, you'll have to forgive me if my vast empirical skills aren't exactly at their finest right now."[17]

See alsoEdit


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