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"We don't leave a man behind, sir."
— Schachter protesting Col. Victor Hoffman's order to leave Marcus Fenix trapped in The Slab due to the rapidly approaching Locust forces

Lieutenant Schachter was a Gear officer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who commanded a platoon. She evacuated the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison during the opening stages of the Lightmass Offensive.


Lightmass OffensiveEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Schachter had command of a platoon that was guarding the Andius highway. When the Locust launched a massive assault on the remaining Coalition of Ordered Governments territory, Col. Victor Hoffman responded by beginning the Lightmass Offensive. A battalion of Drones supported by Brumaks was spotted heading to capture the Andius highway, and Schachter was contacted by Lt. Anya Stroud and given orders to evacuate the nearby Jacinto Maximum Security Prison and conscript any warders or convicts she felt were trustworthy. Schachter and her men managed to reach the prison without engaging the Locust, and found three warders and thirty-seven inmates hiding in a disused wing that had yet to be overrun by Locust. She ordered them into the platoon's Armadillos, and contacted Hoffman to let him know about the situation. She informed him that they were now pulling back east of the Andius highway since the Locust were nearly on top of them, and that the western perimeter was going to fall. Hoffman then asked her what shape Marcus Fenix, a former Gear who had been imprisoned for dereliction of duty, was in, and Schachter sent someone to find him. However, they were unable to locate him, and Schachter figured out that he was trapped in the lower levels of the prison. The platoon then came under fire, but Schachter requested permission to return to the prison to rescue Marcus. Hoffman denied her request, claiming that she could not fight through a battalion of Locust just to rescue one man. Schachter protested that she would not leave a man behind, but Hoffman ordered her to move out, and claimed that they could try to find Marcus once the battle was over and if they had retaken that area.[1]



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