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The Inner Hollow, seen for the first time.

Act II Chapter I: Scattered Objective: Find Carmine

On this level you launch through the ground in your GrindLift but find that Carmine's lift went off-course. He sends help signals to you. Marcus and Dom must reach Carmine. On the route, you request that Dom splits up with you. You will see GrindLifts falling down from the surface, one of them containing Jace Stratton and his squad, Marcus gives his farewells before moving on. However, Locust attack Carmine and a Gear squad, everyone dies except for Carmine and now you've gotta rush to save him. Quickly search for him by following the route. Marcus and Dom eventually join up in Carmine's location and kill some locusts. After regrouping, you will need to activate a broken GrindLift and pierce through the wall. Marcus requests JACK to repair it, while the second wave of locusts attacks. Two giant Emergence Holes will open and will spawn several Drones and Grenadiers, along with more Tickers coming your way. Try closing the E-Holes with a Frag Grenade so that enemies stop coming. The three manage to kill all the locusts, and JACK finishes its job. Marcus simply presses the button, activating the GrindLift and crosses the chamber to the main route. After following the Grindlift through the wall, run down the slope to help your fellow Gears kill some Locust. Watch out for Boomers that will appear after the first wave of Locust are killed off, along with more Tickers and a pair of Reavers that will occasionally shoot at you. Afterwards listen to a broadcast from Anya Stroud and enter the cave in front of you. As soon as you enter you'll see some glowing plants that will come into use in the next chapter and the entrance will collapse behind you, try to stay near JACK or the plants since those will be the only light source available. Suddenly Wretches start charging at you, take them out close combat style to save ammo. Continue your path towards the end of the cave and the next chapter will start.

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