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Savage Theron
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"Damn, look at the hang-time on those bitches! Twenty dollars if you pop one in the air!"
— Augustus Cole as several Savage Therons burst from the ground 

Savage Theron[1] were Savage Locust or just regular Theron Guards that appeared after the Hollow was flooded and the Locust Horde began falling apart. They are nearly identical to the original Theron except for the color of their armor which is nearly bleached white garnished with red lights. They also used different weapons most of the time. For example, most Savage Therons use a Butcher Cleaver or Sawed-Off Shotgun rather than their iconic Torque Bow.


Lambent PandemicEdit

After the Hollow was flooded, several groups of Locust went savage, living on the surface of Sera and ignoring the commands of Queen Myrrah. Several Theron Guards were among the survivors. These Therons aid in the Savage Locust's battle against the remnants of the COG and the Lambent.[2]Some of the Savage Therons ended up living in the Seran Deadlands and were forced to adapt to the sandstorms with new tactics and armor. Like Savage Drones, they burst from the ground to ambush their enemy. They attack with a cleaver, wielding it like a sword.[3]

Battle of the DeadlandsEdit

While Delta Squad move through the Savage Locust stronghold, they encounter many Savage Therons. After being attacked by a Juvenile corpser, they move into a small staging area. After killing the guards, a squad of Savage Therons burst from the ground brandishing their Cleavers and Ambush the Gears. Delta survives the ambush and continues their way through the compound.

After Delta infiltrates the main entrance to the fort, they are faced with two Machine Gun nests with a Savage Theron commanding them. Despite it's best efforts it couldn't defeat Delta, and died of a Chainsaw to the chest. They then moved to the entrance to the Trenches, and were face by another Machine Gun Post commanded by a Theron. It was defeated.

Later, Delta cross the tops of the Trenches and face a small squad of Savage Locust lead by a Theron, They kill the squad and it's leader then make their way into the animal pens. Inside the Ticker assembly line they found another squad led by a Theron, they used several Tickers to take them out and continued their way.

Mission to Halvo BayEdit

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  • Savage Therons are unlocked for use in multiplayer by completing all 12 waves of Beast Mode on all 4 difficulties without failing.
  • In Horde 2.0, when a Savage Theron is disarmed of the cleaver it will use a Boltok Pistol or a Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • While playing as the Savage Theron, if shot in the head the Savage Theron's helmet will fall off and reveal his face.


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