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Savage Kantus Gears 3
Savage Kantus
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The Hollows

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Subdivision of Kantus


Locust Horde

The Savage Kantus were the feral counterpart to the Queen's loyal Kantus monks. Formed after the Flooding of the Hollows, the Savage Kantus acted as the shamans to the Savage Locust until their apparent extinction upon the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon.


Post-Operation: Hollow StormEdit

The destruction of the Lambent Brumak under Jacinto Plateau secured victory for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, flooding the ancestral home of the brutal Locust Horde. Sinking the plateau flooded the underworld of Sera, killing millions and forcing survivors to flee to the Seran overworld. A great many Locust were separated from the Queen's Remnant of the Horde; without the guidance of their Queen, the lost Locust descended into primitive tribes, they themselves changing forever.

Out of all the Locust, the Kantus priests were hit the hardest - - they reverted to primal, shamanistic ways and their healing screams descended into a dark, melancholy tone. According to records, few sounds can replicate the terror from the screams of a Savage Kantus.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The original Savage Kantus was a pre-order multiplayer character exclusive to players who pre-ordered Gears of War 3 from or .[1][2]

With the release of the downloadable content package Fenix Rising on January 17, a special red-armored "Limited Edition" Savage Kantus it available for people who buy Fenix Rising for 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Marketplace or for owners of the Season Pass who received it free.[3]


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