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"Yes, we're fucked. Pity. It's nice here."
— Sandru to Baird, as they talked about the Lambent attacks

Sandru was a Gorasni mechanic who specialized in making prosthetics.


Assisting BairdEdit

In Gale of 15 A.E., Sandru was approached by Yanik Laas and Cpl.Damon Baird to help make a set of prosthetic legs for Lt.Donneld Mathieson. He agreed to help, and after Baird scrounged up the needed supplies, he set to work making the joints. Yanik and Baird came to inspect his progress one day, and Baird expressed skepticism in Sandru's skills, asking if he was sure the joints would lock when Mathieson put weight on it. Sandru was annoyed by Baird's questions, and Yanik informed Baird that he did not see any Gorasni in wheelchairs or crutches because of the work Sandru had done. Baird said he thought he had not seen any because the Gorasni killed and ate their wounded, which Sandru grinned at. As he tested the joint, Sandru reassured Baird that it would work, and told him that he had made joints in hospitals before the Locust War. He guessed that Mathieson would need to use crutches to walk since they only had one knee joint for each prosthetic, but that it would be easier to walk than with two missing, and threatened to show Baird what he meant if he pissed him off again. Baird said that Mathieson would think they were great, and thanked Sandru for his work. Sandru told him he liked showing off his superior technical skills to the COG, but warned him that they now needed to make the casts for the prosthetics, and that it would be a slow job. Yanik then left as a crowd began to gather outside of Sandru's workshop as a debate began, and as Sandru continued to work, he listened to Baird speaking quietly over his radio. He asked if there was a problem, and Baird told him that everyone was on edge after the recent Lambent Leviathan attack. Sandru told him that the situation was indeed bad, and that it was a pity, since he thought Vectes was a nice place.[1] Several months later, Sandru finished crafting the prosthetic legs and they were presented to Mathieson, who was overjoyed to be able to walk again.[2]


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