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Samuel Lee
Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death
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Chronological and political information

Private Samuel Lee was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Gear that fought in Operation: Hollow Storm, and was killed in Landown.


The Day before LandownEdit

The day before COG forces began Operation: Hollow Storm, Lee wrote a letter to his dead mother, expressing a regret that he had not lived every day like his last like she had suggested, and decided that he would do so that night.[2]

Assault on LandownEdit

During the Assault on Landown, Lee was killed in battle. His COG Tag was found in a tunnel by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, along with the letter to his mother.[2]

COG TagEdit


I'm nervous, Ma. I'm not afraid to admit it. We're heading to Landown tomorrow, and I know a lot of us aren't going to make it back... For all we know, this is the last night of our lives.

You always said I should live every day like it was my last. I've tried to do that, but I can't say I've done that every day. I wish I had now, but you also used to tell me not to regret, just to move forward, keep learning. Everything works out in time. If I haven't lived every day like I should have, well, I figure at least I got tonight. It's a clear night too. Stars look especially shiny tonight... I'd like to think that winking one's you, Ma, watching over me.

Help me get through tomorrow... I promise I'll cherish each and every day.

Your boy,


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