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Samuel was a child who lived on the island of Vectes, in the city of Pelruan.


Visting Vectes Naval BaseEdit

Samuel visited Vectes Naval Base with his mother and other citizens of Pelruan during a COG familerzation tour. His mother had told him to stay away from the Gears, because she was worried they would shoot him. However, he walked up to two Gears, Augustus Cole and Bernadette Mataki, and began talking to them. They became worried when he said his mother had warned him to stay away from them, and as they were explaining that they don't shoot civilians, his mother came running up and picked him up. She slowly began backing away from the two Gears, explaining that she had seen Bernie attack an unarmed man, and that she didn't want them around her kids. She then took Samuel and ran off.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant pg 344-345

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