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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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Doctor Salka was a civilian who lived in Anvegad during the Siege of Anvil Gate. He specialized in fractures and liver flukes, which served him well in a nonindustrial, isolated town like Anvegad.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit

"Lieutenant? I regret I failed to stop the hemorrhage. The young man is dead."
— Salka, informing Victor Hoffman that Arlen Pereira was dead

After a gun emplacement along the walls of Anvegad was hit by a rocket fired by a UIR special forces member, Salka went to the garrison to provide medical aid to the Gears who had been injured in the attack. He and a battery medic worked on Gnr. Arlen Pereira, who had suffered a major abdominal wound. They were unable to determine where he was bleeding from, and Salka began growing desperate in his attempts to save Pereira. Sadly, he was unsuccessful, and Pereira bled out and died. Salka then informed Lt. Victor Hoffman that he had been unable to save him.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Anvil Gate pg 269-272

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