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Ruth was a 15-year-old girl who was one of the specimens at the New Hope Research Facility during the time the facility was operational.


Test Subject at New Hope

Not much is known about Ruth, except that she was a test subject at New Hope when she was fifteen years old. She suffered from strange effects during the experimentation, such as screaming in the night, sudden changes in behavior, hair growing slowly in, and constant growth of fingernails. Other effects of the experiments included pain from her joints swelling and erratic behavior. She likely either became a Sire or was one of "children" test subjects taken to Mount Kadar when the New Hope program was shut down.[1]

New Hope medical file

Patient Name: Ruth

Age: 15

Ruth is clearly experiencing extreme swelling in her joints and frequently cries out in pain during the night. She also exhibits rather erratic and unpredictable behavior, though this is quite understandable considering her situation and symptoms. There is a strange discoloration in her eyes, and her breathing often sounds labored. Her nails grow at a faster rate than normal, though her hair grows at a markedly reduced rate. I'll keep trying to find some type of medication to alleviate her pain without adversely affecting our studies.

Dr. Niles Samson[1]


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