Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

Possibly 15 years after E-Day

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Chronological and political information

Russell was a former Stranded who left Montevado with his family in order to join the COG in Jacinto City.


Move to JacintoEdit

Shortly before Operation: Hollow Storm began, Russell arrived in Jacinto City with his family after leaving Montevado. He was happy that his family no longer had to worry about attacks from Locust or Kryll, and decided to sign up for Operation Lifeboat. His paperwork would not be processed until a week after the Landown assault, and he planned on spending that time with his family. He may have been killed when the Locust opened a large sinkhole in the middle of Jacinto, since Sgt.Marcus Fenix finds his journal in the sinkhole. He may have also been evacuated with many of the other civilians during the cities evacuation.[1]

Russell's JournalEdit

Finally, we reached Jacinto.

All that time it took getting here from Montevado, all the risk, but we finally made it. We're finally here, can finally sleep at night without worrying about Locust or Kryll attacking in the night. Natalie is so happy, makes me smile like I haven't in a long time.

I'll be signing up for Lifeboat tomorrow, though they won't be processing my paperwork for a week or so, after this Landown assault. But after that, I'll be a conscript... and I'm okay with that.

I'm just happy we made it to Jacinto...and my family is finally safe. Guess there really is someone up there looking out for us.



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