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Rushkin was an inmate of The Slab's psychiatric ward. He had been arrested for killing and eating mailmen.


Cell TransferEdit

Due to six of the eleven warders getting conscripted, all of the psych ward prisoners had to be moved to D Wing, where the "normal" prisoners were held. Rushkin was compliant after the Head Warder Nikolai Jarvi promised there would be no strangers. The psych ward inmates were kept in their cells at all times, as it was before. After the transfer, Seffert dealt with his boredom by throwing human feces at Rushkin through the bars of his cell, causing the crazed inmate to hold a grudge against him.

Power OutageEdit

In Frost of next year, The Slab suffered a power outage when the Locust raided a power station on Ginnet Drive. Due to the electric locks on the cells not working, Rushkin was able to get out, and impaled Seffert with a rusty pipe for having been cruel to him. Another inmate named Merino then stabbed Rushkin to death for what he'd done, and did the same to rest of the psych ward as well.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rushkin seemed not to like strangers, and mostly kept to himself. He apparently murdered anyone violating his personal space without his consent, as seen by his serial killing of mailmen and Seffert's murder. He acted thoroughly insane, and cried for seemingly no reason at all. He was also referred to as being schizophrenic when Jarvi got a consultation on how to handle the psych ward prisoners which is likely the source of his problems, though the psychiatrist referred to him as being listed as "also" schizophrenic so its possible that that's not the entire source of his problems.


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