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Ruins gives you a multiplayer taste of the Nexus Palace. In the lower middle is an area of Imulsion. It was possible to knock someone into the Imulsion using a Smoke Grenade. This map is mainly symmetrical, making for easy confusion. There is a bridge in the upper middle area with a Scorcher Flamethrower in it, along with a Boom Shield in an underpass leading between both bases. Amongst two corners around the Imulsion area, a small covered area contains cycled Longshot Sniper Rifle and Torque Bow. For the final weapons, in both base interiors, behind stacked up crates, you will find either a Gorgon Burst Pistol or Boltok Pistol. Few sides of the two bases can be useful while playing Horde Mode. Like few other maps, there are no computer-caused effects.

Ruins map

Layout of Ruins (click to enlarge)

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