"Gettin' hella dark out here, man."
"Good-- I like the dark.
— Gil Gonzalez and Rufus, as they scout around the Ferro Bridge

Private Rufus, or Roof by his squadmates, was a Gear soldier in Midnight Squad who fought in Operation: Midnight.



Rufus, dying as a Torque bow bolt explodes in his chest.

Operation MidnightEdit

"Oh god..."
— Rufus' last words as he stares at the Torque Bow bolt in his chest

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, and shortly before the Lightmass Offensive, Rufus was selected to be part of Operation: Midnight along with five other Gears under the command of Lt. Draper. They traveled along the Landown Highway to the Ferro Bridge on Assault Derricks, and were dropped off close to the bridge. Draper briefed the squad, and sent Rufus and Pvt. Gil Gonzalez to scout one side of the bridge. As they scouted, Gonzalez observed how it was getting dark, and Rufus disturbed him by commenting that he liked the dark. They found nothing at first, and Rufus began to wonder if the Recon team had been wrong, when they suddenly heard Tickers approaching their position. When Gil opened fire on them, Rufus told him to stop or he would blow up the bridge. Rufus then charged into the Tickers and began beating them to death with his Gnasher Shotgun. Once they were done, Rufus contacted Draper and was told to fall back to the other side of the bridge. Rufus was concerned when he saw the Theron Guards attacking the bridge, and was hit by a Torque Bow bolt when holding them off. It exploded, and Rufus was blown into several pieces.[2]


Rufus beating away Tickers with the bud of his Gnasher Shotgun.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Enjoy the sport."
— Rufus, on how to deal with Tickers

Rufus enjoyed being a Gear, and thought of having to beat Tickers to death to be "sport". Unlike most Gears, he liked the dark, something which concerned fellow squadmate Gil Gonzalez.[2]


Crimson Omen
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