Rory Andresen
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Before Emergence Day

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Storm, 15 A.E.[1]

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"Hey, Santiago. Good hunting?"
— Sgt. Andresen to Cpl. Dominic Santiago after the Evacuation of North Gate

Sergeant Rory Andresen[3] was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army and the leader of Omircron squad. He fought in the Locust War, but was killed during the Stranded Insurgency. He was good friends with Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Sgt. Marcus Fenix, and was married.


Locust WarEdit

Stationed at Wrightman BaseEdit

"We're still keeping an eye out for Maria."
— Andresen, telling Dom that he and his squad were looking for Dom's wife

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Andresen and his squad, along with Kappa Squad, were stationed at Wrightman Base in Jacinto City, where they ate in the mess hall shortly after the Evacuation of North Gate. He greeted Cpl. Dominic Santiago when he arrived in the mess, and asked how the evacuation had gone. Dom told him that there were fewer Locust than usual, but that they had almost lost Col. Victor Hoffman. Andresen and the others laughed, and told him to try harder next time. He then asked Dom if he thought that the Locust were close to being finished off from the Lightmass bombing, telling him that the Stranded in Tollen were reporting no Locust activity. Dom said he was hoping that it was close to being over, and Andresen told him that he and his squad were still keeping an eye out for Maria, Dom's wife, and Dom thanked him for that.[4]

After the Sinking of JacintoEdit

Three hours after the Sinking of Jacinto, Andresen and his squad participated in a battle with the Locust. After the battle, they watched and cheered as Sgt. Bernadette Mataki nearly tortured a Drone, but left after Marcus had her shoot it.[5] Six weeks later, he wounded a Locust drone while on patrol outside of Port Farrall.[6]

Vectes and the Stranded InsurgencyEdit

Rebuilding on VectesEdit

"What did the bastard do, sir? Tell me."
— Andresen to Hoffman, after Bernie's attack on Jonn Massy

After the Coalition of Ordered Governments moved to the island of Vectes, Andresen witnessed Bernie attack a stranded at Vectes Naval Base, and was one of several Gears who rushed to assist her. As the Stranded was taken away by Col. Victor Hoffman, Andresen followed him and asked what he had done, but Hoffman informed him that he would find out when he needed to.[7] Almost ten weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto, he went on a mission aboard CNV Falconer to root out pirates that had been preying on shipping lanes. Andresen took careful notes about naval operations in order to adjust to the new marine warfare tactics the Gears would be using. He told Lt. Anya Stroud that he was okay with the ship's guns, but thought that they would need additional training for boarding hostile ships.[3] He manned one of the Falconer's guns during their meeting with the pirates.[8] After the mission, he and Sgt. Drew Rossi outfitted the Sergeant's mess at VNB, and threw an opening party.[9] In the weeks that followed, he would often drink at the bar with Bernie and Marcus, who he was good friends with.[10]

Battle of VectesEdit

"... fifteen years of grubs and he dies here. He dies now. I tell you, there's no frigging sense in it."
— Dom to Augustus Cole, after hearing about Andresen's death

Several weeks later, Andresen was wounded when the Stranded insurgents launched multiple ambushes all over Vectes. He was taken by KR Three-Three back to VNB,[11] but died on the way. Major Aleksander Reid informed Andresen's wife of his death. His death deeply affected many of his friends, and motivated them to hunt down as many Stranded as they could in revenge.[12] A funeral was later held for him and other Gears killed during the battle.[13]



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