Rocket Launcher
Production information
Technical specifications
Magazine Size

1 rocket

Ammunition Type

Rocket-Propelled Grenade

Rate of Fire



Rocket Launchers were heavy anti-vehicle weapons used by the COG and UIR during the Pendulum Wars.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit

When the UIR laid siege to Anvil Gate, UIR soldiers fired RPG's at the fort. One of those RPG's killed Cpt. Ranald Sander and several other Gears, while another destroyed CC-Seventy-Four-Five as it attempted to resupply the fort.[1]

Battle of ShavadEdit

During the Battle of Shavad, an Indie soldier fired a RPG at Terns that were med-evacing wounded Gears, but missed.[2]


Helena Stroud shooting a Pariah Tank with a rocket launcher

Battle of RaganiEdit

During the Battle of Ragani, Howerd Company used rocket launchers to defend the town against UIR vehicles. They destroyed several APC's and damaged a Pariah Tank, but ran out of rockets before they could take it down.[3]

Skirmish in Ghato CityEdit

During the Skirmish in Ghato City, Tai Kaliso used a rocket launcher to disrupt an Indie position long enough for Padrick Salton to reach a nearby rooftop.


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