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Reyna Diaz
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Reyna Diaz was an Outsider in the post-Locust War era. She was the mother of Kait Diaz, and Oscar Diaz's sister-in-law, both of whom were a part of her village.


25 years after the end of the Locust War, Reyna was the leader of an Outsider village, taking over the role after her husband's death. She relied upon her brother-in-law, Oscar, to train and protect the villagers. JD Fenix and Delmont Walker, having left the Coalition of Ordered Governments and gone AWOL, sought refuge with Reyna's village after warning her of a COG retaliation to the Outsider's raids against the COG. She and the majority of her villagers are eventually captured by the Swarm, leaving JD, Del, and Kait to find her.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Reyna was a fierce warrior and smart tactician who disapproved of Kait's connection with JD.[1] Though not fond of JD and Del, she allows them to stay with her village when they warn her about an impending COG response to her village's raiding.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Reyna will be a playable multiplayer character for the COG in Gears of War 4.



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