Doctor Rex Jerome was a senior geneticist who worked at the hidden Coalition of Ordered Governments facility on Azura.


Working on AzuraEdit

Eleven years after Emergence Day, in the month of Gale, Jerome was working on prepping slides in one of the science labs when Professor Adam Fenix was informed by Captain Paul Dury that a prisoner named William Alva, from the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, had been sent to Azura to be experimented on with the Lambent parasite. When Dury left, Adam asked Jerome if this had been Dr. Esther Bakos' idea, and if she had asked for volunteers. Jerome stopped working and told him he had no idea, and Adam was determined that they would not experiment on him, criminal or not. Jerome asked who he meant, either playing dumb or having actually been so absorbed in his work that he had not heard the argument between Adam and Dury, but Adam did not answer him as he stormed out of the lab and back to his office. Jerome contacted Bakos and informed her that Adam was upset about something, and she went to talk with him about the situation.[1]


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