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Rescue is the second chapter of the third act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

The chapter starts with a cutscene. Hoffman and Marcus are talking about Adam Fenix and his weapon, and Baird then says they need the Hammer of Dawn, Hoffman then gives the disk of Prescott to him and tells him to amaze him. Bernie then comes and tells Delta Squad that Sam and Anya are stuck outside by Locust forces. After the cutscene, you have two choices to pick. These choices are going to save them, or giving the rescuer covering fire. If you are doing this by yourself, pick the latter choice as this is much more easier later on. If you pick the fort defense, Cole follow you, while Bernie will follow Dom. Once you pick your choice, you either are going on a vehicle to rescue Sam and Anya, or appear on the Fort walls. On the walls, use the One-Shots that are near you. Once the vehicle gets within range, a cutscene occurs where a Savage Boomer destroys the vehicle with his Digger Launcher and a Savage Grenadier rips an arm off a fallen gear. The players who picked the former choice (or AI), needs to defeat the Locust before advancing.

After this, several Lambent Stalks appear. These do not spawn GunkersPolyps, or Lambent Wretches. Just defeat all these Lambent, and once Cole speaks, a cutscene occurs where the Lambent Berserker appears. It should be distracted by the players or AI on the fort walls, and run to the fort gates immediately. After this, the Hammer of Dawn, which Baird repaired, strikes and hits the Berserker, you need to run to the fort as the Hammer hasn't got a good targeting, avoid all Lambent as they will be killed by the strikes, except for the Berserker, once you enter the fort's walls a cutscene plays and Marcus tells everyone to fall back but before they leave they discover that the Hammer failed to kill the Berserker and it jumps over the wall and wants a fight. Attack its imulsion core enough times to destroy it but watch out for the Imulsion paths it leaves behind as they can kill you very fast on higher difficulties, once you destroy the Berserker a cutscene plays and the next chapter begins.


  • Recovered Cog Tags #9: At the beginning of the fight with Lambent Berserker it will be on the right of the main gate behind two barrels.
  • Journal: During your battle with the Lambent Berserker, run straight from the gate you entered from, and on the far side of the large circular structure in the middle is an ammo crate with the Journal behind it.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Was it Good For You?" achievement.
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