Rena was a Sapper in the COG Engineering Corps. She was a slight woman who often worked on construction projects.


Vectes Imulsion FieldEdit

"I hope he's sober. It's his day off."
— Rena, after hearing that Dizzy was coming to drill the Imulsion field

After Sgt. Marcus Fenix discovered an Imulsion field in the wilderness of Vectes, Rena accompanied SSgt. Lennard Parry and other sappers to the site to help a Gorasni rig crew set up equipment to process it. When Pvt. Dizzy Wallin was on his way with his Assault Derrick rig to help drill the field, Parry ordered Rena to commandeer tractors to help haul away lumber that was in the way of the rig. As she set off to begin her task, Rena remarked that she hoped Dizzy was sober enough to drill, since it had been his day off.[1]


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