Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel in rough shape after being hit by the tidal wave

The Regency Hotel was a large hotel built inside the COG-controlled city of Halvo Bay. After Operation: Hollow Storm and the flooding of Jacinto City, a great tidal wave brought a ship and left it at the top of the building.


Pendulum WarsEdit

The hotel wasn't very popular and it hadn't got the best service in the world, however it did attract some celebrities, like Thrashball champion Augustus Cole who once visited the hotel and said it was okay. It was several stories tall and had a kitchen and a small bar like area, along with some bathrooms and an elevator.

Lambent PandemicEdit

After Marcus Fenix prepared to reach the island of Azura, he ordered Damon S. Baird and Augustus Cole to find a vehicle, weapons and soldiers. Cole thought Halvo Bay was a good place to start, though Baird was reluctant. They, along with Clayton Carmine, headed to the city and found Garron Paduk, who told them he had a ship for them. After fighting their way through hordes of Savage Locust and Formers, Paduk finally used a King Raven to reach Regency Hotel. Baird was shocked to see the ship was at the top of the building but Paduk told them they left some explosives at a police station that they could use to bring down the building.

After leaving the station, the Gears reached the basement of the hotel and Baird armed the explosives but they failed to collapse the hotel, though they did weaken its structure. Baird thought of a new plan and, after reaching the top of a contiguous building, managed to reach the roof of the hotel. They reached the kitchen and used the gas valves to fill the room. Baird then used a Bolo Grenade to trigger an explosion which collapsed the building and released the ship into the ocean.


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