Red Squad

Red Squad positioned outside Pinnacle Tower.

Red Squad was a Onyx Guard unit that was stationed on Azura.

Unit HistoryEdit

Red Squad Sgt

Red Squad responding to Adam's comment.

Fall of AzuraEdit

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, the island of Azura was discovered and attacked by the Locust Horde. Red Squad was sent by Cpt.Paul Dury to secure Pinnacle Tower and prevent the Locust from reaching Professor Adam Fenix's Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. The Gears set up barricades at the entrance and set up snipers on the roof to kill any approaching Locust. When Adam and Dr.Nevil Estrom arrived at the tower, one member of Red Squad told Adam to get up to his room and lock the doors. He commented that the entire Locust army and Queen Myrrah were coming for the tower, but Adam said that Myrrah would not kill him since she needed him alive. The Sergeant remarked that Adam seemed oddly confident, and one of the other Gears told him that Adam had known the Queen at some point in the past. When the Locust assaulted the tower, all of Red Squad was killed defending it.[1]



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